Homemade Marlborough Bun

Homemade Marlborough Bun

Marlborough Buns are mysterious things. There is virtually no information on them and they seem to only make an occasional appearance in Waitrose and M&S stores. Admittedly, I am still unable to shed any light of the buns origins but at least I now have my own recipe so you can recreate these delightful things in the comfort of your own home.


Homemade Marlborough Bun

Well I may be a tad bias - goes for the whole article really - but I thought the buns looked delightful. The dough had a lovely golden hue to it and the cherries, sultanas and currants contributed a beautiful speckling of black and red. Moreover the sugar glaze gave the buns a nice finish and the sugar crystals added further texture and intrigue. Inside, the buns were lovely and white with more colourful speckling from the dried fruit. Mouth watering stuff.


I can honestly say these were the finest tasting Marlborough Buns I've had. Freshly made, the dough was still slightly warm and delightfully light and sticky from the sugar glaze.

Taking a bite, the dough yielded softly whilst the sugar crystals delivered a crunch; moreover, the mixed peel contributed plenty of citrus notes that worked well against the sweetness of the other ingredients. However, to fully enjoy these in my opinion you should slice them in half and spread on some unsalted butter as the creaminess this lends is utterly irresistible against the other tastes and textures.

Recipe: See here.

Have you considered...?

Not something to eat everyday but the buns are energy dense and full of natural wholesome ingredients, including plenty of fruit.

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